WhatsApp for Education
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Increase enrollment and foster student engagement through WhatsApp

Real-time Lead Management and Admissions

Instant Communication: Visitors interested in admissions can directly message via WhatsApp, initiating immediate engagement.

Faster Response Time: Integration ensures swift response to inquiries, improving customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

Personalized Interaction: Enables personalized communication with potential leads, nurturing relationships effectively.

Seamless Follow-ups: Facilitates follow-up messages, ensuring leads are nurtured throughout the admission process.

Student Lifecycle Management and Utility Messages

Admission Updates: Parents and students receive instant notifications on admission status, fee payments, and documentation requirements.

Timely Reminders: Automated reminders for important events like exams, parent-teacher meetings, and fee deadlines streamline communication.

Academic Progress Updates: Regular updates on academic performance, attendance, and extracurricular activities keep parents informed and engaged.

Support System: Easy accessibility for students to reach out for academic assistance, enhancing support and guidance.